Clinical Counsellor in Vancouver, BC

Registered Clinical Counsellor in Vancouver, BC

There is a need in society for caring and qualified professionals to provide support and guidance for people who struggle with the issues of life. It’s a role that is not to be undertaken lightly and one which is fulfilled admirably here.

Paulette Tomasson is a Registered Nurse, writer, Public Speaker and registered clinical counsellor in Vancouver, BC.

Approaches That Work

Paulette doesn’t stick to a single approach or therapy and attempt to shoehorn her clients into it without regard for their situation. She embraces and employs a wide variety of therapeutic methods and practices to deliver the counselling and assistance that is called for by each client’s particular circumstance.

Her eclectic skill set, which encompasses such practices as psychodrama, experiential therapy, somatic experiencing, and equine therapy, allows her to provide the most effective support for her clients.

An Author Sharing Her Talents

Not only does Paulette provide help to others through her clinical practice, but she has used her skill as an author to craft books that offer valuable advice and lessons for adults and children.

Delivering a Message

Paulette Tomasson is a dynamic and educational public speaker who has a track record of presenting at many major professional and humanitarian conferences worldwide. She welcomes opportunities to deliver her messages and insights at events, both large and small.

Contact Paulette to learn more about her services. She proudly serves clients in Vancouver, BC, and through Skype, as well as around the world for speaking engagements.

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