Media Appearances

Paulette is an internationally recognized expert in both treatment and education in the field of specialized addictions and dependencies. She was the featured columnist in Emotional Health for Alive magazine in 2002 and 2003. Paulette has also been interviewed on her expertise for local and national television programs as well as radio stations and newspapers. Here are a few of the highlights.


“Cross Canada” on CBC Radio (1 Million + listeners)

UBC disciplines 13 staffers for viewing porn features Paulette Tomasson

O.COM Cybersex Addiction, a documentary aired on CBC’s the Passionate Eye features Paulette Tomasson


“The Bill Good Show” on CKNW Radio (100K+ listeners)


“The Healing Place” podcast

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Intuitive Reframing (videotape) Paulette Tomasson is a writer and speaker

Intuitive Reframing the Practice (videotape) Paulette Tomasson is a writer and therapist

The Georgia Straight

Internet-Porn Addiction Induces Isolation, Denial features Paulette Tomasson

Maclean’s Magazine

UBC Staffers Caught Watching Porn

Alive Magazine

Loneliness by Paulette Tomasson

Toxic Emotions by Paulette Tomasson

Are You Emotionally Fit? by Paulette Tomasson

What Do I Do With All These Feelings? by Paulette Tomasson

Professionals Answer Your Questions About Natural Medicine features Paulette Tomasson

Equine Therapy features Paulette Tomasson

Featured Expert In

The Georgia Straight

The Province

The Vancouver Sun

North Shore News

Expert Sighted In

I have been cited on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox. On December 1, 2014, TRP recognized me as a top professional in speaking, writing and consulting.