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Paulette Tomasson is a Registered Nurse, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Consultant, Author, and Speaker located in West Vancouver, B.C, Canada.

Shuffling Lady

Shuffling Lady

It’s Friday morning in Starbucks

Sadly only a few smiles are in view.

The 40ish woman shuffles past me,

her head down.

The thought comes to mind — you’re too young to be so down and

shuffling along.

I watch her and wonder.

What broke your heart, dear lady?

Who forgot to love you so many years ago?

What was it that has worn you so ?

You are too young to shuffle.

Way too young to shuffle.

Businessmen sit across the aisle

engaged in solving a problem for a young man.

He sits bright eyed, hopeful,

taking in the support of the men

mentoring him into manhood.

Such a contrast to you lone shuffling lady.

I wonder if you once sat with elders inspiring you,

supporting you, mentoring you.

I wonder what happened to your dreams shuffling lady.

Where did they go?

I read a post while waiting for my friend this morning.

It said to hold onto your dreams.

The writer shared her story, stating

childhood dreams and drawings may become your reality in the future.

It was a beautiful story.

I wonder what you dreamed in your childhood shuffling lady.

What was in your heart?

What pictures did you draw?

What songs did you sing?